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Every Day People are searching online for your product or service

Think about this for 1 minute

What is the first thing you do when you need a plumber or some other service or say you are looking to buy something for your car or home?

There are around 246 Million that’s 76.18% people in United States use the internet and in the
United Kingdom 63 million that’s 94.78% Used the internet.
Estimates are derived from either household surveys or from Internet subscription data taken from 2016.

Drum roll please… the answer is search on google

People Contacting Your Business Online

Are less likely to be tyre kickers because they have already done there research and are far more likely to make a buying decision…

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Why Are Business Owners Reluctant

to hire an SEO agency

Do You Really Understand What SEO Companies Do?

there is nothing hidden or private about what great search engine optimisation experts do

they follow industry-standard best practices just like professionals in any industry

some of the tasks that will be done include technical optimization of your website registering and optimizing your business and important local directories

like Yelp registering and optimizing your online presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter we are ready to get your business the attention it deserves online

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Will Fight Your Corner

Google is a business and changes the landscape frequently to try and make you spend money on pay-per-click.
Have you ever wondered why you should invest in search engine optimization using a professional SEO agency and not just do pay-per-click
this is one of the most common questions we digital marketers get from prospective clients and the answer could not be more simple,

first of all pay-per-click does not help your website become more powerful it is a temporary solution,
whereby search engine optimization slowly builds your website into a digital asset
that is valuable and long-term but most importantly the sheer difference in the amount of leads you can receive from SEO is an overwhelming advantage

Page One Rankings

Organic traffic (page one rankings) cannot be ignored here is a simple example
let’s say that one thousand people per month type the keywords plumber Westminster into google
There will be seven pay-per-click advertiser’s all fighting to receive ten to fifteen percent of that yes that’s right all the combined pay-per-click advertiser’s combined

Only received ten to fifty percent of the leads so all seven advertisers will get 17 of 100 to 150 leads that’s not enough to grow your business is it

On the other hand the top organic result will receive over forty percent would you rather have 10 leads per month or 400 the maths and the answer are both simple, contact best SEO agency Services today to get google leads coming your way.


Guarantee page 1 rankings

might seem like a good offer but it very much depends on what keywords you’ve been promised rankings for

Some keywords get very few searches some don’t get any at all if an SEO company ranks your business’s website on the first page for five keywords

That no one is searching for and even if you rank in the number one position for those keywords you won’t get any visitors to your website it’s not uncommon for SEO companies to pick five or so keywords with very low search volumes to rank you for

because normally the lower the search volume is the lower level of competition is which makes it easier and cheaper for them to rank your website for those keywords what constitutes a good search volume depends on the industry you’re in your budget and the commercial value of those keywords

Keyword On First Page
Not many people searching for that keyword
Not Making Much Money From This KW

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