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Hi there I’m Michael from SEO Agency Pro Nottingham

now if you want to get found by more people who are searching for your products searching for your services or searching for your company and you want to be able to be found in your local area or you want to be found all over the country all over the world possibly, then we can help we can help you to get more exposure

It’s all done through the process of search engine optimization or SEO as everybody today knows it, now over the years we’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of search engine optimization campaigns and we’ve seen some major changes in the way that Google lists websites and we’ve stayed at the forefront of those changes and we’ve invested a huge amount of time resources in really understanding and knowing what makes a website rank over another website

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so whether you just running a local campaign if you have a local business that you just want to come up in your local area there are certain things that we would look for and run to make sure that happened if you want to get found all over the UK if you want to get found internationally there are some specific strategies that we can implement with you and your business and your website to make sure that that happens in the countries and the regions that you want to target

now if you want to know how we can help this is your chance to get a free SEO report now what goes into an SEO report this is an analysis of how well optimized your website is and how well optimized your web presence is because it goes beyond your website now so click here

fill in just a couple of details and we will be able to get in touch and give you that report now rather than just send across what we’ll do is arrange an appointment with you where we can just give you a call and take you through it in an online meeting which takes maybe 20 minutes 30 minutes and again it’s totally free

but you’ll be able to get to see how far off your website is and what changes are needed with your website to help you get more traffic and help you get more sales and I hope you get found better online in google


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now if you’re thinking well obviously you’ve come across SEO companies before you probably get emails from companies in India you probably have SEO companies in your networking group you probably get called by search engine optimization companies both big and small and you know there were big brands and there are small companies and there are companies that do national presence and you’ve got yell that claim to do search engine optimization you’ve got all of these different factors so what makes SEO Agency Pro and why work with Michael when you’ve got all of that choice out there

now firstly when it comes to search engine optimization and the industry has got something of a bad name actually over the past 10 years because there’s a lot of companies that spent money on it and not actually seen very much from it now that’s generally because of one of two things sometimes it’s because of genuine competence and people not knowing enough about the subject but saying that they are search engine optimization specialists and you believe them and you go with them and it turns out they didn’t actually know all that much in the first place and sometimes it’s because of unrealistic expectations and a lot of search engine optimization or online marketing companies generally will over promise

so one of the things you’ll get with us are apart from our experience and knowledge our team our ethics morals our commitment to working with you and communicating with you in the right way in a consistent way is what you’ll get no hype no massive promises we believe in setting realistic expectations.

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Doing the right things for the long term not trying to find quick wins and building your business as a presence online now you know search engine optimization by itself is great if you’ve got a fantastic website you’ve got fantastic marketing in all other channels and you just need someone with the technical expertise or the company that has the resources to help build links and get you found online and make sure your website is really well optimized then we are a great partner for you

But if you don’t have all of those things you don’t have the marketing you don’t have a great website you don’t have a team of people working on other things maybe you need more than just search engine optimization

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We are so much more than just a search engine optimization company we’re a marketing company we’re a digital marketing agency that specialise in helping you attract more customers on the internet and search engine optimization is a big part of that but there are lots of other parts to it

What we were able to do is to help you get a whole marketing strategy to help make sure that you actually get the results you actually get the customers and that you are able to grow your business

now the first step is to have that free SEO report so you click here if you’re not a couple of details we’ll get in touch and we’ll give you that insight and give you that valuable feedback if you’re thinking well how much does this all cost?

well the answer is it totally varies and I know everybody says that but we don’t believe in the one size fits all here are our three packages pick the gold silver or bronze option we believe that we need to take a look at your website understand what you’re trying to achieve with it and look at making sure that what we put forward to you as our recommendations is absolutely tailored for you

 if you thinking well how long is it all take well again that varies as well I’m afraid and sometimes there are no definite answers with SEO which can be frustrating I know but you have to be honest and it can take a long time it depends on the nature of the keywords your starting point your competition depends on all of those different things

the marketplace your existing website all of those things are factored into how long it takes to get results generally within a month or two of making some changes to your website you’re able to see some progress but the best results come over time search engine optimization something that you need to look as a long-term strategy as part of a kind of a balanced marketing approach to grow your business online

you may have had the experience and a lot of businesses have had this if you know maybe five years ago you were all over Google you were number one for this keyword that keyword you a top you know for anything you typed in and maybe now you’ve actually dropped well over the past well since about 2011 google have introduced a whole series of updates that have led to some web-sites becoming penalized

now if your website has been penalized you might be thinking how do I recover from that penalty in some cases we have to be honest with people and say you can’t recover from it or at least it’s not worth trying to recover it because of the time and money that’s going to take to try and recover from that penalty is not gonna be worth it

you’ll be better off starting from scratch but that’s rare in many cases it’s simply a case of making some changes to your website or it simply been you’ve changed websites and some certain technical things haven’t been done in that transition that’s meant that where is you used to be on page one you’re now no longer on page one and we have a lot of experience in helping companies recover from dropped rankings from lower rankings and if that’s something that has affected you then get in touch that’s definitely something that we can help with

Now another question I get asked a lot is how you choose keywords what keywords should we be targeting how we know what our customers are going to search for?

now keyword research is a process that is absolutely vital at the outset and as part of an ongoing campaign, we can research what people search for but also how competitive those search terms are and determine which are going to be the high converting keywords so determining a strategy for those keywords is something that we will absolutely do as part of any campaign that we work on together

because that is absolutely vital in the end results that you achieve so once again take the first step and get the free SEO report it’s an analysis of your existing website will be able to tell you what’s good what isn’t good if you’re a bit uncertain as to what a previous website company or SEO company has been doing we can dig into that a little bit and we can tell you are they’re doing a good job are they not doing a good job

We will help you get the right strategy for your business by considering other sources of traffic so take that first step, get the free SEO report or get in touch via our website, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you very soon

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