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Want New Customers?

Being a business owner myself I know how important it is to have a flow of customers calling you, having advertised on radio, yellow pages, evening post. local papers, leaflets and backs of buses in the past I know how expensive it can be.

Which Advertising Platform Was My Favourite & Why

Many years ago 1980 -1990 I found yellow pages to be my most successful advertising platform, the reason for this was that unlike the others this was a big yellow book that sat in everyones home, you paid for the year and people used the book to look for a product or service as and when they needed it.

The Reason For It’s Dimise

The arrival of the internet gradually started to overtake yellow pages because when you wanted to find something it was quicker to type in a keyword like plumbers in Nottingham and hey presto you had a list of companies, rather than looking to see where you had left the book then flicking through hundreds of pages to find a plumber.

Forward to the present time mobile phones are used more and more to find and call a business or find an address, we even know how many people search the internet on what device and the type of browser and with what keyword they used to search for a product or service

Thousands Of People A Day Are Looking For Business In Nottingham

When a potential customer needs a business they search on Google to find a business in an instant, the only problem is they never stray off of the first page and the top 3 listings generally get all the action.
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